Concept Design

Our process begins with a preliminary exploration and visualization of creative ideas, layouts, and design directions before entering the detailed drafting process.

Client Collaboration

We work in collaboration with our clients, client engineering departments and manufacturers to develop designs to their meet their specific needs and requirements.

Product Design

We specialize in the conception, development and creation of product specifications and components through technical drawings and documentation, while considering its form, function, aesthetics, and production feasibility.

Plant Layout

We provide detailed drawings and layouts to assist in the arrangement and positioning of equipment, machinery, and infrastructure within an industrial facility to optimize workflow, safety, and efficiency.

Stress Analysis

We undertake this process, when necessary, to analyze the structural integrity of components or products under various loads to ensure they can withstand the forces they will encounter during use.

Architectural & Residential Steel design

Involves the specialized planning and engineering of steel structures for buildings, homes, or other structures, ensuring they are safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.