Shop fabrication drawings

These detailed drawings provide precise instructions for the fabrication, welding, machining, coatings and surface finishes. This includes dimensions, tolerances, materials, and other specifications.

Field installation drawings

Our drawings provide specific visual representations for the accurate assembly and installation of components, structures and systems in their actual on-site locations.

2D & 3D modelling

We utilize 2D representations of structures or plans to accurately convey design concepts, technical specifications, and architectural layouts. Using AutoCAD, Navis Works, Inventor, Fusion 360 and more we are able to create accurate and informative drawings. Our 3D design work extends these details by generating three-dimensional digital models that offer a more comprehensive view of the design and layout.

3D Product renderings

3D renderings are a valuable tool providing highly realistic visual representations of concepts, structures and fabricated products. These renderings can be shared amongst customers and their engineering teams to ensure the end result will meet their needs prior to investing resources into a full drawing package.